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For President

Fed up with the same tired candidates?  Don’t want more of the same old, same old?  Want someone who will jump head first into America’s problems and get them all solved?!

Get out in November and VOTE FOR HUY in 2020!

A Vision For The Future

His vision is 20/20…..what better vision for America could one ask for?!


Actionable Issues

If there are issues…..Huy acts.  Some call him…a Man of Action!


Jam vs Jelly

Just because one shakes and one does not, does that make one better than the other?  I’d setup  a commission to explore this further.

Cutting Crust Off One's Sandwich

Just grow up and eat the dang crust.  Starving kids…something something

Star Wars vs Star Trek...which is better?

Just kidding…I’m not about to start World War III.



Contribute to a Cause

Send Huy money.  He’ll run a successful campaign and you’ll feel good inside knowing that you’ve contributed to a great cause.  If you send him enough, I might hit him up for a loan, so Give Today!


Ready to take the next step and support Huy?

Get Involved

Grab a few of his tickets and close ’em out.  Do the guy a favor…get involved.  Make a difference.  #yeshuycan2020

Don’t Forget to Vote!

It can be easy to forget stuff….like how awesome that fro was…or what I was supposed to say here…. #yeshuycan2020








Ready to Support Huy?